Cosy 2 Bedroom Modern style Thong Sala for Rent , Koh Phangan, Thailand

Cosy 2 Bedroom Modern style Thong Sala for Rent , Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thong Sala , Koh Phangan , Thailand



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Property ID :



Take a peek at this new modern 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home for rent in Thong Sala, Koh Phangan!

This property is on its own land with a very quiet and private feeling.

The interior is clean modern but not cold. Modern style with tile and various color schemes with dashes of color thru-out the house. Each bedroom has a unique style and color.

The bathroom is fully tiled as well with modern fixtures, big bowl sink, and separate shower area.

The kitchen comes with cooker, rice maker, pans and various utensils!

Plenty of front patio space to relax and take in the quiet evenings on the wooden table with chairs and beach seat.

This place is perfect for couples or families looking to come to the island but want to stay closer to Thong Sala for its great coffee shops, great food and massive night markets all while being close to the beach!

Location –

Thong Sala

Near TreeAngle Viewpoint BarSet off the main road on its own property

Parking space for car and/or bike

Price –

2 Bedroom with 2 Ac :

Low Season :22,000THB/Month

High Season :28,000THB/Month

2 Bedroom with 3 Ac :

Low Season :24,000THB/Month

High Season :35,000THB/Month


****Security deposit = 10,000 THB


Other –

  •  Electric = Government rate per unit
  •  Wi-Fi  = Included
  •  Water = Included

Contact –

Questions? Contact us!
Mail : info.phanganelevate@gmail.com
WhatsApp +66912043367

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