Legal Services

Legal Services

Property Law


Elevate offers legal property services to ensure you are making a viable investment. The services include Title Deed Search, Due Diligence, Prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement, Transfer or Registration of Title, Registration of Thai Company, 30 Years Lease Agreement, condominium Purchase, etc.


  • Buyers’ Guide For Property And Land In Thailan
           Buying land in Thailand has been viewed as rather complicated. However, this does not have to be the case if you involve proper processes, research, and a good lawyer. Here are a few tips on buying land in Thailand.
  • Titles
           As a foreigner, you will have to set up a Thai limited liability company in order to buy land or a villa. This will cost you about 1200 $ up front and a recurrent fee of about 60 $ a month. Alternatively, you may decide to purchase through a leasehold agreement.
  • Buying Condos
           Purchasing units in new developments in Thailand may be easier to avoid the occasional inconvenience of nationality. The rule is that the ownership ratio must not excess 49% although, in central Bangkok, this may not apply. Condos can be leased for up to 30 years but you will need to lease for at least 3 years to be able to register your property with the lands department. To reserve a condominium, a fee of about $1,500 is required. This will later be deducted from the total price. After10-15 days, the buyer will need to pay 10% of the total price and the rest with the title transfer.
  • Purchase Agreements
          The initial purchase agreement will have details on price, terms, settlement date, conditions etc. In most cases, a 10% deposit will be required to secure the property. However, this deposit is refundable if the sale does not go through and it isn’t your fault.
  • Land Office fee for land purchase

Specific business tax – 3.3% of the actual purchase price

Transfer fee – 2% of the value of the land after appraisal
Withholding tax – 1% of the actual purchase price
         When buying land in Thailand, it’s always a good idea to engage a lawyer who knows the law of the land. He should also be fluent in your language so you can understand all that’s going on.
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Work Permits


In order to legally work in Thailand, a foreigner must apply for a work permit. Work permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand. Work-Permit is issued by the Labour Department, must be obtained before beginning work. Highly experienced lawyers of Elevate, will prepare all documentation and will get you a work-permit.

Visa Services


Elevate helps clients in getting right visas for clients for their legal stay in Thailand. These include Non-Immigrant Visa, One Year Business Visa and Business Visa Extension, Investment Visa, Retirement Visa, Educational Visa and Marriage Visa.


Majority of businesses in Thailand require specific licenses to operate. Licenses are issued by different government agencies depending upon the nature of business. One business may require several licenses e.g. Hotel Business will require hotel license, food and beverage license, alcohol license, cigarette license, music license, etc. Licenses are often issued on Client’s company name, and the Elevate lawyer prepares documents and file licenses with relevant agencies on behalf of our client.


Elevate assist clients in drafting and reviewing a variety of agreements/contracts for our clients, including: Lease Contracts, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Partnership agreements, property deeds, power of attorney, joint venture agreements, etc.